Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Why Kerala Kala Samithi?

Prof. Dr. P. Achuthan, Formerly Prof. & Head, Dept. of Mathematics, IIT Madras
{Prof. Achuthan has been one of the leading lights of Kerala Kalasamithi since its inception and has also served as the President of the Samithi. He continues to take interest and guides us even after his retirement from IIT.}

Just a few moments of attention of all concerned would like to be earnestly invited to the above question, the answer to which is worth careful examining. Having been associated with the birth, growth and the forthcoming varied directions of progress of the IIT, Madras, I wish to inform and plead with everyone interested in the well-being of our brothers and sisters all over, how vital it is to have an entity like the Kerala Kalasamithi ( KKS) here around. Yes, for several apt reasons, we ought to encourage and support the genuine efforts of friends and well-wishers in nurturing the cultural activities in a spirited, united and effective manner. The KKS, amply fills up a significant gap in making the campus life more mutually conducive and colorful.

The human being does not live and for mere material comforts alone, although these are certainly very necessary and important. Indeed, more crucial than satisfying the day-to-day needs of man, there is an inner urge to take oneself far beyond and properly into the intellectual, social and spiritual realms as well. For achieving the fulfillment in such spheres of life, thereby enabling to raise oneself up as a noble soul, it is quite essential to be creative as also truly considerate with compassion to our fellow men. To gracefully give something good to others is the best that we can crave for. But to do so, we must have made it for ourselves to begin with. Unless we strain our ever nerve to excel in whatever we perform, we cannot reach up to that required level of ability and capacity to deliver.

Only in an atmosphere, fragrant with civilized thoughts and mature minds, rooted in the eternal faith to deserve and serve, such a potential can exist. An organized body as the KKS, situated in this nice city of Chennai can and should accomplish this. It is imperative that we wholeheartedly welcome and appreciate its selfless work for the benefit of all.

Decades ago, the KKS was initiated. Thanks to the participation of generations of students, faculty and staff of the institute, the Samithi has grown. It will have to continue to go forward, this meeting a purposeful, healthy cause of promoting the affectionate ties between the people from Kerala and others. We can meaningfully educate everyone willing to learn in a variety of ways in a number of fields of knowledge, art, culture, literature, etc., bearing on the rich history, customs and traditions of the land. The precious legacies, powerful aspects of language, poetry. Drama, dance, Mohiniattam, Kathakali and so on chiefly based in Kerala, are really fascinating. Undoubtedly, it will be of immense individual and collective advantage to arrange for sharing the experience and insights of the population from one region with those of the neighbours, structured on a sober platform of long-cherished ethics and ideals. This goal is being approached through man, steps and methods for which a proper venue and appropriate occasion have been made available by KKS in such a beautiful setup and surroundings. I am sure all of us will render every possible.

While we may be anxious to score high concrete points in proclaiming our worldly wants, a well-balanced personality of everlasting value and vitality can be gained only via working with organization similar to the KKS. It is my deep-felt sincere hope and prayer that KKS will be still ever by strengthened. All those who contribute in this grand endeavor shall attain great success and loving happiness in a prosperous and peaceful nation of our dreams.

Prof. Dr. P. Achuthan

Formerly Prof. & Head,

Dept. of Mathematics, IIT Madras

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